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Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur is a new apartment project launched by one of the most reputed builder and developers of India, "Godrej Properties". Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur is a new project in Sarjapur Bangalore comprising of 1, 2 & 3 BHK apartment for Sale. Godrej Properties is known for excellent crm which takes care of all its customers through the process of property booking and handover of the apartment. Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur is one of the most awaited project launch of Bangalore region post-pandemic. Godrej Customers are delighted that they have a new apartment to purchase form one of the most reputed Brands of India. Contact us at the earliest till units last.


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Godrej Park Retreat is one of the most awaited project of Bangalore. Park Retreat Property comprises of 1, 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Sarjapur for Sale. It will deliver you the best society in one of the biggest hustle bustle of Bangalore. Location which is close to all major tech parks of Bangalore. It is right back side of RGA Tech Park Bangalore. The location also has a provision of metro coming in near future. So connectivity wise, property location is one of the most suited location to buy in Bangalore. Sarjapur is one beautiful location to buy property in Bangalore as it is surrounded with all major tech parks, schools, hospitals, and colleges. Bangalore is slowly converting itself from a macro-market to a micro-market where a person working wants everything in that location. He wants his office, home and, schools all nearby. Apart from this, they also want good connectivity, if he wish to travel to other locations. Sarjapur is one the best options which suits most of the home buyers today in Bangalore. Sarjapur has everything into it. It will soon also get its metro and become the most demanding locations in Karnataka. Sarjapur has everything from schools to all major companies and connectivity to all parts of Bangalore. It has also all the daily refreshments and retail to all major shopping hubs in the location. One of the best of the best restaurants are based out of this location. Its time to immediately pick up a property in Sarjapur.

As a property buyer their are always a few factors which come into consideration. The first major factor in consideration is the location of the property. How easily it is accessible from other parts of Bangalore. How soon the location will grow. Godrej Park Retreat is in a location which is close to Outer Ring Road, Railway station and also proposed metro station. So it has it all, be it road, rail, bus or metro. The major plus of the property is that it surrounds all major tech parks. Like Wipro, RGA Tech Park, Eco Space, Eco World. Godrej Park Retreat is easily accessible form major locations of Bangalore. It is just 25 mins drive form Electronic City, 25 mins drive form Whitefield and 20 mins outer ring road. So it definitely has the advantage of location as home buying is considered. Park Retreat is surely one of the best properties in Sarjapur. It will be a society which will add value and recognition to all its customers buying property in Retreat. The total price of the apartment is also kept well under control; so is the unit sizes. It is the best investment in today's market for all people looking to park their money into real estate. Its gonna add value to all home buyers looking to buy property in Retreat, Sarjapur, Bangalore.

Property management is always felt as a difficult task to do as it involves a lot of parameters. Who is the developer, how well is the property paper, whether we will get the property in time, etc. With Godrej Park Retreat from one of the most trusted brands like Godrej Properties, you need not worry about all this. Godrej Properties will make sure that all the legal checks on the land are duly done by one of the top lawyers in India. The property papers will go through multiple checks and policies of the company. Post that it will go for necessary sanctions. The biggest advantage of buying property from Godrej Builders and Developers is that you can focus on the unit selection and make necessary arrangements for planning your stay at the property or leasing it out. You shall be rest assured that all legal parameters will be duly scrutinized and posted; only it will be offered to any customer. The process of home buying will be as smooth and hassle-free as buying furniture from a retail store with complete assurance of your hard-earned money going in the right hands. Godrej Park Retreat is the best apartment to buy in Sarjapur.

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Godrej Park Retreat is the new launch by Godrej Properties in Sarjapur Bangalore. It is offered by one of the best brands in India. Builder known for its financial and legal capacities. Brand known to us from years. Active, Passive, Community Zones - Central podium of 4+ acres with distance more than that of tower height - 700+ trees - 4 types of forest, 4 types of garden - 12+ sporting and fitness amenities - 4 acre greens - Amenities for all ages - Sports, Socializing, Seniors, Kids, Nature, Adventure, Wellness, Convenience, 1 km jogging and cycling track

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  • 598 Sq.ft
  • Godrej Park Retreat Apartment for sale Sarjapur
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  • Godrej Park Retreat Apartment for sale Sarjapur
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  • Godrej Park Retreat Apartment for sale Sarjapur

The biggest worry of every home buyer is the fear and worry of home buying. We here shall ensure that you get the best service in place with a smooth, hassle-free experience of home buying. Buying properties at Godrej Properties is a hassle-free experience and charming to deal with.

Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur from Godrej Properties will ensure that all your funds placed in the property will be safe and secured through stringent accounting practices and Rera audit from time to time. RERA coming into existence gives all its home buyers the freedom of financial security in the event of misinformation from any developer. Rera ensures that projects are approved by Rera and strictly monitored by Rera. Godrej Park Retreat, will that one property being developed by one of the top tycoons of India who have industry experience over decade. Their past experience and with an experienced team they shall make sure that your money is in safe hands. This freedom from financial worries lets you invest wherever you want with the luxury of buying at peace.

Buying a property is always an important decision. It is very important to understand from whom you are buying and what their credibility is. It is very important that you buy a property from the most trusted brands who have delivered over the years and made sure that all its customers are happy. Godrej Properties have made sure that they deliver you the best projects at the best prices and the best quality in the industry. Its a brand which has come over the past several years with Pan India presence into various states and cities. They always delivered on time and mostly before time to all its home buyers. Brand is very important as Brand is something which a company builds over the years. Brand comes into place when a developer delivers the property on time. Also it is to be considered that what is the process of home buying with them, how smooth it it. A brand like Godrej gives you that comfort and peace in home buying. Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur will be the best option to decide and proceed with the best known Brand in today's market place.

The place you buy and the company you has a big difference to you and your social life. It contributes to your personal reputation as it is something which gives you recognition and value. Buying a property at Godrej Park Retreat will give you that recognition in your personal and professional life with distinguished reputation. Buying a property from one of our top leaders will add charm and harmony to day-to-day living. Godrej Properties offers you the property which gives in belief and recognition in your daily living. Its always a different feeling of buying a property at Godrej. Park Retreat is one such which we can choose and be a part of. It will add value and charm to your personal life and will also give you the comfort of buying in a prime location of Bangalore.

Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur is designed by one of the leading architects of the India. Any apartment you buy at Godrej Properties will be designed from the one the best players keeping into consideration all important aspects of modern and traditional day living. Each and every apartment is important in respect of the sunlight which comes into the apartment; how well is the ventilation. Their is a whole big team of marketing experts who spend days into studies of what home buyers are looking for today. What are need, what do they prefer and is the most important decision in home buying. Park Retreat has been offered with all such input from the market place to the marketing. They have taken into consideration all the needs and wants of the property buyer, whether it is for self-use or for investment. The biggest advantage of buying a property from one of the leading players in the industry is that the process of home buying is smooth and hassle-free. The crm team will assist you in your journey of booking the apartment to the handover stage with all quality checks done by the respective engineers. They shall make sure that all your money invested in the property is fruitful, and shall give the best returns over the period of time. Godrej Park Retreat Sarjapur is surely the best investment today in the current marketplace for you investment to settle and grow over the period of time to come.

Why Godrej Park Retreat?

Property buying decisions are the most important decision today. Today in Bangalore, which has massively grown into miles and miles and is still growing today. It has become very difficult for every home buyer to decide where to buy. Taking into consideration, their is one location in Bangalore as Sarjapur has come up very beautifully as it is right next to city. Sarjapur is one location which is completely surrounded by all major tech parks functioning today. There are several more tech parks which are coming in and around Sarjapur. There are more major developments which are lying in Sarjapur like road widening and the most important metro. There are several major universities and schools which are already present and their are more which are coming in near future. All major companies throughout the world are operating in and around Sarjapur and have their employees traveling to their offices on a daily basis. When we have to consider going to the office occasionally or on a daily basis, the people working in these tech parks often think about how far they have to travel and how much time they have to spend travelling. Sarjapur has come up very nice with all major developments happening near its surroundings. Sarjapur will take care of all its residents with the all developments happening first, as major man force of Karnataka resides in this location. So the demand for properties is very high in this location and all want to buy properties here. But unfortunately not many PAN India Developers have properties here. Here we have an opportunity to pick up property from the best of the best leaders in the real estate industry today. With most of the schools and colleges having their branches near by and their is also a functioning railway station today in this location. It is deemed that this location will surely become the heart of Bangalore in coming days and all would like to have property in this location. So it is right time that their is PAN India builder coming into this location and one can buy their dream home for themselves. It will take care of all their office needs as well as all of the refreshments which are required on a day-to-day basis. School are already there for their kids to have the best education in place. So coming into this location can be a long-term fruitful decision for all home buyers for years to come.


ACK/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/211221/005545 has received its first notification as an acknowledgement from RERA. It is surely one of the most awaited launches that will happen in Bangalore and in Sarjapur. It is one of the most awaited launches of Sarjapur. There are several properties in Bangalore but looking to buy an apartment for sale in a prominent location is very difficult. Godrej was able to bag up this land parcel in a prominent location for all its home buyers to access various parts of Bangalore with ease and convenience. Godrej Park Retreat is spread across 1,2 & 3 BHK apartments for Sale in Sarjapur just behind one of the biggest tech parks located on Sarjapur Road known as RGA Tech Parks. One can comfortably choose a 1 BHK apartment, 2 BHK Apartment or a 3 BHK apartment in Park Retreat Godrej Sarjapur for their own use or investment. Come home to your dream property in one of the fastest developing locations of Bangalore.


Sarjapur Main Road (1.7km, 4min) – Prominent road with mixed development around it.Outer Ring Road (6km, 13minutes) – All the key IT tech parks are located on Outer Ring Road.This road offers connectivity to N/E/S/W of Bangalore. National Highway 44 : Srinagar – Kanyakumari highway is 6km, 13 minutes from the project.The highway offers great connectivity for outstation travel. State Highway SH 35 (6.5km, 15mins) – Connects Hoskote, Whitefield, Varthur, Sarjapur,Anekal. PROPOSED ROAD NETWORK: Proposed Peripheral Ring Road (5km from RGA) – 21k Cr project, 300 feet wide, 68.5km long,8 lane main road and 4 lane service road Proposed Peripheral Ring Road will ease congestionin the city and offer great connectivity to all parts of Bangalore and outskirts. ORR hadboosted the real estate price and the same is expected along the PRR corridor. The plannedPeripheral Ring Road (PRR) will connect Tumkur road, Bellary Road, Hennur road, Whitefield– Hoskote Road, Hoskote Anekal Road, Sarjapur Road & Hosur Road. Proposed roads near the project – Proposed CDP road (49 feet) abutting the project willconnect Sarjapur Road and Electronic City, thereby further improving the connectivity of theproject. The project will be located close to the junction as can be seen in the image below.

RGA comes under BDA limit

Public infrastructure unfolds in BDA limits first and then moves to BMRDA limits - indicating that public roads near our project will be developed before projects located at BMRDA limits. Power cuts are relatively less in the BDA limit as compared to BMRDA limit. Infra such as Cauvery water, GAIL Piped gas priority is usually given to projects within BDA limit as compared to BMRDA limit. The internet bandwidth , speed and service is better in BDA limits than BMRDA as the service providers would have to lay cables for one off project. Well connected with key micro-markets of Bangalore – Koramangala (12km, 22mins), HSR Layout (10km, 18mins), Bellandur (8km, 16mins). These micro-markets are saturated with limited supply of new residential projects with super high APR. Our project location is expected to witness a similar trend. Walk to Work – RGA Tech Park and Wipro Kodathi campus together account for 4mn sqft which can accommodate more than 55k+ employees. Also the Wipro Corporate office is a 10 minute drive from the project which accommodates over ~23k employees. Within a 10km radius, there is a presence of 35mn sqft Grade-A IT space with a workforce of over 4.3Lakh employees. Proximity to other employment hubs like HSR layout, Koramanagala, Electronic City, Whitefield. Hotels – Hilton (13mins), Radisson Blu (20mins), Marriott (16mins), Hospitals – Columbia Asia Hospital (19mins), Sakra World Hospital (18min), Motherhood hospital (11mins), Cloud 9 Hospital (15min), Schools – International School Bangalore (14mins), Oakridge (13mins), Primus (12mins), Greenwood High (20mins), Mall – Central Mall Bellandur (14mins), Forum Mall Koramangala(20mins), Brookfield Mall (24mins), Inorbit Mall (25mins), Phoenix Market City (27mins), High Street retail on Sarjapur road, Byg Brewski, Decathlon etc.